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I am confident that in any market they can help you achieve your dreams as well.

Dreams do come true. It sounds corny but it’s proven to be true for us and our experience with Dustin and his team. We took our first steps to homeownership 7 years ago with the assistance of Dustin guiding us along the way helping us to secure a home in a location we thought we could never afford (the home had 14 back up offers two of them all cash for more than we were offering). He assured us that with a little patience and trust we could live where we truly wanted to. After securing our dream location in downtown Louisville for our first home little did we know that dream location would change for us once again after the arrival of our two children. We discussed with Dustin our desire to move back to the mountains to raise our family on some acreage. After laying out a strategic plan for us to accomplish this goal (which included purchasing a short term rental with our equity as an investment) we successfully closed on our mountain home over Christmas and are now reaping the benefits of living exactly where we want in the home we thought we could never obtain. Dustin is well versed in the real estate market today and more importantly has the tools available to accomplish your goals no matter how lofty they may seem. His assistant Cameo also was on point throughout the process and went well beyond our expectations. With the assistance of Dustin, Laurel, and Cameo I am confident that in any market they can help you achieve your dreams as well. Thank you. Sincerely, Respectfully, and Excitedly,

The Leonard Family

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