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Cameo and Dustin made us feel we were their “only” clients

As buyers from out of state, we enjoyed all-around superb service represented by the Sagrillo Group–Cameo Martine-Stern and Dustin Sagrillo. They were completely efficient and respectful of our limited time, zeroing in on exactly the type of property we were seeking. We never had to waste time “shopping” among listings because they invested time with us early (on a zoom call) simply finding out about us and our wish list. It paid off because within 10 days they expertly achieved two accepted offers for us, and then untangled us from the first offer to close on the property we really wanted. During it all, Cameo and Dustin made us feel we were their “only” clients; they were readily available to us, on our schedule and at our convenience. They did not disappear after closing either, and are sharing their bountiful network of local service providers to assist us with taking ownership and the move. I say that Cameo and Dustin have been the best pilot and co-pilot for getting a family through this complicated journey, and landing you happily where you want to be.

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